Our Solutions

We are efficient in On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid solar setup and solutions.

Solar Rooftop PV(Photo Voltaic) system using On-grid is also termed as a Grid-tied system or Utility interactive or Grid back feeding or Grid inter-tie system. In this kind of system, the Solar is connected with utility grid ( typically the power lines) along with the loads and batteries if any are present. In pure on-grid solar PV system, batteries are not connected.

In order to be completely self-sustaining, and independent of a utility company, you need utilise a natural and environmentally-friendly source of power such as the sun. Our Off Grid Solar solutions are customised to suit your specific load requirements, and priority of operation. These solutions simply provide the best alternative source of energy to residential and such other small energy consumers where grid reliability is less and uninterrupted source of energy is required.

Modern hybrid systems combine solar and battery storage in one and are now available in many different forms and configurations. Due to the decreasing cost of battery storage, systems that are already connected to the electricity grid can start taking advantage of battery storage as well. This means being able to store solar energy that is generated during the day and using it at night. When the stored energy is depleted, the grid is there as a backup, allowing consumers to have the best of both worlds.