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9 Reasons Why You Need

9 Reasons Why You Need to Go Solar Right Away


Like the possibility of sunlight-based energy? However not completely persuaded if it’s for you. Sun-oriented lifestyle has changed the lives of Indians, assisting with setting aside cash, reducing pollution, and increasing the value of their homes. Here are nine convincing motivations to pick sun-powered energy for your home.


We all know that dreaded feeling that comes when you see your electricity bill. How much will it cost? Have you budgeted enough?

Having the privileged solar power system on your rooftop facilitates this strain. Here at Mint Solar we work with your personalized requirements and guarantee your solar energy power plant is both within your budget as well as gives you a return on investment in almost 3 to 4 years.

You’ve seen the reports, shockingly the expense of electricity is just going one way and that is up. Your best move is going solar.


Energy from the sun shines down on your home each day; even in winter and on less sunny days.

At the point when you have solar photovoltaic modules n your rooftop, you saddle this power and creative power that you can use in your home.

Surplus energy is taken care of go into the grind relying upon your utility you’ll be credited for the energy you give and send back. The point when you don’t have a solar-powered rooftop system, the boundless intensity of the sun is lost on your home only spiking up the indoor temperatures.


Introducing solar panels on your rooftop is one of the least demanding and most down-to-earth methods for adding to an economical future.

Beginning at your own house is an incredible way to show that you care about diminishing your carbon impression. Truth be told, introducing a little 1 kW solar-powered rooftop system forestalls the arrival of an unimaginable 1.5 tonnes of carbon consistently.


The cost of setting up a solar power plant has seen a significant drop when we compare it with the cost of solar power plants a decade ago. A flourishing market at the global scale is pioneering developments and technologies which in turn is scaling down the prices of solar power plants. And for the same reason, India has seen a major rise in the demand for solar power plants in the recent years

Furthermore, there are still a lot of liberal government motivating forces which indicate a great amount spared over the lifetime of your solar power system. Both the Central Government as well as State Nodal Agencies (SNAs) offer subsidy schemes to the people for installing rooftop PV systems. According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the Central Government pays 30% of the benchmarked installation cost for rooftop PV systems. This subsidy is applicable in states that are in the general category. This subsidy scheme is applicable to institutional, residential, and social sectors.

In addition to the subsidy, people can avail of various other benefits by installing a rooftop solar system:

  • Those planning to install rooftop PV systems can avail of priority sector loans of up to 10 lakhs from nationalized banks. This loan shall fall under the category home loan or home improvement loan.
  • Consumers will be eligible for generation-based incentives and will receive Rs 2 per unit of electricity generated.
  • Furthermore, people can sell excess electricity. For this, they’d receive a regulated cost per unit as per tariffs set by the government.

Mint Solar has a variety of solar energy systems accessible to suit practically all your requirements in your budget. A talk with our solar expert is the most ideal approach to conclude which is best for you.


In reality, the longer you have your solar power system, the more advantages you appreciate.

In particular, Mint Solar values remarkable after-sales services. We’re committed to our clients long after their underlying buy and offer fast turnaround on services, upkeep, and fixes. At Mint Solar, we provide 5-year-long free upkeep services to ensure the smooth running of your solar power system.


Mint Solar gives you the alternative of extending your solar power rooftop system later on. We comprehend that conditions change and your vitality necessities can increment.

That is the reason we offer a scope of expandable structure that can possibly develop with your requirements as you go.


As more Indians see the incentive in solar energy getting a quality plant or system introduced on your property includes moment allure and worth.


By 4th quarter of 2020, it is normal that more than a million Indian homes will be installed with solar power rooftop systems. This number is set to increment quickly throughout the following five years and certainly demonstrates that solar is no longer a specialty.


In spite of prevalent thinking, solar panels are not fuelled by the warmth of the sun, rather they depend on daylight. This implies that even if you reside in an area of lower-than-average sunlight, even then your rooftop solar power system will work efficiently as it converts daylight into energy and not the heat of the sun. Despite cloudy days, your rooftop system will work just fine.

When you call Mint Solar, we guarantee that your panels are introduced in the most ideal position, away from concealed and in direct daylight for the longest part of the day.

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